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Governing Council

There are many ways in which parents and members of the school community can become involved in our school. Becoming a member of the Governing Council, a sub-committee of council or an affiliated committee such as Parent Group are ways that you can become involved in the school.


As an active governing councillor, or someone thinking about stepping forward to be on the Governing Council, you can be a part of the efforts to improve the education and care of students in our school.

You can also represent the views of members in the school community and encourage their participation.

When the entire school community works together to support learning, children succeed, not just in school but throughout their lives.


Provides a forum for parent, staff and student participation and decision making and ensures that the educational, social and cultural needs of the community are addressed.

Plans for improvement in learning and wellbeing for all students through setting the values, vision, mission, site plan and local policies for our site.

Allocates all of the resources available to the site to support the improvement of learning and wellbeing outcomes for all students.
Monitors learning and wellbeing outcomes and reports annually to the site’s community and the Minister.
Works collaboratively in the best interests of the site and its community.

The Governing Council has the power to establish committees under its constitution.

We have sub-committees that give advice on finance, buildings and grounds and the school canteen. The sub-committees are a valuable way of:

broadening opportunities for more parents and caregivers, staff and other community members with particular expertise to be involved.

providing other entry levels for the participation of interested parents and caregivers, community members and potential future council members.

providing for the appropriate involvement of students and bringing student opinion to the attention of the council.

increasing the involvement of staff and strengthening the partnerships between site staff and the school community.

We welcome new parents and encourage you to become involved. It is a great opportunity to have a say about your child’s education and influence what happens at school. It is also a way of finding out more about teaching and learning programs.

If you are interested please consider sitting in on one of our meetings. Dates and times are published in the school newsletter. Or alternatively talk to one of our councillors about what is involved.