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Starting School

Starting School


Children will be admitted to our school on the first day of each term, once they have turned five, in accordance with Education Department regulations.

In the term prior to the children commencing school, we invite the children and their parents to participate in a transition program. Children come to school for three visits of varying lengths of time to familiarise themselves with their classroom and teacher, as well as the school environment.

The school requires specific information about each child enrolled and parents will be asked to complete several forms when enrolling children. Children will normally spend between 3 and 6 terms in Reception (depending on the date they commenced school) before progressing to Year 1. Additional information is available from the Principal.

Coordinating Programme

It is the policy of McDonald Park School to test the gross motor skills of 5 year old children after they have been at school for approximately
three weeks.

Research in South Australia has shown that it is important to offer gross motor and fine motor skills help as early as possible to avoid future social and emotional problems for students. We will advise you if your child is selected to be in the programme.

We offer a twenty-week programme to assist children to develop these skills.


Reading is one of the most valuable skills we develop in life. The following ideas will help your child prepare for reading and
also develop his/her oral and written language skills:

  • Read with your child. Children enjoy hearing stories no matter what age.
  • Reading picture books is important. It teaches them to start at the front and work to the back. Point to the words from
    the top to the bottom, from left to right. It also teaches teaches them to be aware of small differences and detail in words and pictures.
  • Show your child that you enjoy reading.
  • Listen to your child tell stories or read words he/she knows.

Attendance Home

A note should be sent to the class teacher on the child’s return from each absence. If your child will be away for a long period of time, we appreciate being informed at your earliest convenience in order that appropriate materials can be prepared for your use if necessary. Regular attendance at school is very important even in the first years at school, as it establishes positive attendance routines for later schooling. Students need to be at school so that they do not miss the basic skills in the early years.