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There are many ways parents/caregivers can help and contribute to the learning process:


The Learning Assistance Program is one which aims to support a child through development of self esteem and confidence, relying not only on parents in the school community, but people in the wider community to lend their time and talents for the support of these children. What we aim to achieve through this program is:

  • greater community participation
  • students accessing one to one support with a volunteer to develop self esteem and confidence
  • building on what students can do

At McDonald Park School you may see an adult and student reading quietly, playing a game or using the computers, enjoying cooking or taking a walk around the school grounds, chatting, smiling, relaxing having fun and enjoying themselves. This is LAP.


Michelle, our Canteen Manager, is always looking forward to hearing from anyone interested in volunteering to assist in the canteen. We have quite a few parents who help out, so everyone is welcome. The roster is organised to suit your needs, whether it be once a week or once a term. Please give Michelle a call on 8725 4221.


Parents are always welcome in the Resource Centre. Staff are grateful for extra hands to support with shelving, covering books and book sharing. Please contact us if you would like to help out.


Each year working bees are held around the school to improve the environment. Volunteers generally help with grounds maintenance for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. In summer we also hold twilight working bees.


Class teachers will ask for specific help in a range of classroom activities, excursions or camps. Teachers are always pleased to have parents assist.